HD-Link HL15 by Sewell

HDMI, IR, USB 2.0, RS232, and Audio over cat5e/6, 330 ft.

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Use the HL15 to extend HDMI, IR, USB 2.0, RS232, and Audio signals using a single Cat5e/6 cable up to 330 ft (100m).

The HL15 is great for adding multiple access points to a computer or device. That means you can have your computer in one room and control it from another. You can even turn on the PC with the "remote power switch" via 2-pin power switch header cable (included).

Devices other than computers can also be used. IR signals can also be extended to allow control of devices such as cable boxes or blu-ray players from the display location.

Zero Latency

Thanks to HD-BaseT technology, the HL15 is able to transmit over long distances with zero latency. This makes it perfect for any application where low latency is required, such as live events, home theater, and many more.

HDMI over Cat5e/6 KVM

Easy setup

  1. Connect your source devices to the Sender (Tx).
  2. Connect your display and peripherals to the Receiver(Rx).
  3. Connect the Sender and Receiver using a Cat5e/6 cable (Cat6 recommended).
  4. Connect the included power supply to the Receiver.

Power on your PC remotely

You can power on your PC remotely from the Receiver location using the included 2-pin power switch cable. Watch this video to see how easy it is.

HDMI Extender Comparison

HD-Link Comparison Table


Mfg. Part Number

  • SW-33015


  • Link by Sewell


  • Extends HDMI, IR, USB 2.0, RS232, and Audio
  • Support remote power switch control
  • Single Cat5e/6


  • Resolution: up to 1440p
  • Operation Distance: up to 330 ft (100m)
  • USB 2.0

Package Contents

  • HDMI Extender Transmitter
  • HDMI Extender Receiver
  • (2) IR Transmitter
  • (2) IR Receiver
  • USB Cable
  • (2) RS232 Adapter
  • 12V DC Power Supply
  • 2-pin Power Switch Cable


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