SplitDeck 4K 4-port HDMI 2.0 Splitter by Sewell

1x4 Distribution Amplifier, 4K at 60Hz, HDR, 3D, HDCP 2.2, 4:4:4 Chroma

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The Sewell 1x4 SplitDeck (4K 1x4 HDMI Splitter) supports Full HD, 3D, HDR signals up to 4K 60Hz, and allows you to split a single HDMI source to four HDMI HD Displays (1-in, 4-out). SplitDeck makes a great splitter no matter what your application is, whether you are looking to send duplicate HDMI video to any combination of HDTVs, monitors, or projectors.

SplitDeck Connection Diagram

1x4 Distribution Amplifier

The SplitDeck is an active splitter which amplifies and equalizes the input signal in order to perform at maximum spec. The signal amplification lets you use longer HDMI cables and achieve optimal results. This also means that if you are running multiple displays with different resolutions, the splitter will send the lowest "common" resolution to all displays.

For example: If you have a 4k and a 1080p TV, the splitter will send 1080p to both unless you use a downscaler between the splitter and the 1080p TV to "trick" the Splitter into thinking both displays support 4k.

HDMI 2.0

The main spec to look for when trying to find a true-HDMI 2.0 splitter (also including HDMI 2.0a and HDMI 2.0b) is the bandwidth spec-- it should be 18 Gbps. If an HDMI splitter passes this bandwidth, it can achieve full 4K 60Hz 4:4:4 chroma.


Mfg. Part Number

  • SW-32893


  • Deck™ by Sewell


  • 1x4 Splitdeck, 4K UHD HDMI Splitter
  • 4-port HDMI Distribution Amplifier
  • DC5V/2A Power Supply
  • Quick Start Guide


  • Distribution Amplifier Boosts Signal
  • Splits one HDMI 2.0 input signal to four HDMI Displays
  • Supports HDR
  • Supports 4k*2k @60hz (UHD)
  • Supports HDCP 2.2
  • Supports deep color 24bit, 30bit, 36bit.
  • Support YcvCr 4:4:4
  • Support Blu-Ray 24/50/60fs / HD-DVD / xvYCC
  • Digital audio format, as DTS-HD / Dolby-trueHD / LPCM7.1 / DTS/Dobly-AC3
  • Supports signal retiming


  • HDMI Amplifier in Splitter
  • MHz Rating: 450MHz
  • Max bandwidth 18 Gbps
  • Max working current 1000mA
  • Operating temperature range 32 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Storage Temperature range -4 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Dimensions 5.47 x 2.51 x 0.87 inches
  • Weight 7.76 ounces
  • HDMI 2.0 (including HDMI 2.0 a and HDMI 2.0 b)


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Most helpful reviews

Its the BEST of its kind!

Jet - 2/5/2017 10:17:08 AM

9 found this review helpful

Pros: Best of its kind. Really works well. Splits the HDMI signal effectively between 4 components. Resolutions are top of the spectrum.

Cons: I have found nothing negative about this product.

Other: You'll be happy with this if its what you're looking for.

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does not work with 100' runs

- 6/6/2017 9:56:05 PM

8 found this review helpful

Pros: nice and compac

Cons: does not work with 100' runs of hdmi cables


Was this review helpful?

It Works...thankfully!

HDCraig - 6/27/2017 11:56:52 AM

7 found this review helpful

Pros: Does the job.

Cons: But didn't know for sure until after I bought it

Other: Purchasing HDMI splitters can be a nightmare. The chipsets inside are constantly being upgraded to meet the latest changing specs in the television market. Providing full details regarding the electronics content of the HDMI splitter is the only way the customer can make an intelligent choice. This purchase in point: HDMI 2.0a, HDMI 2.2, HDR, 4K 4:4:4 60 fps, etc.??? Not easy to tell from its description before buying. Does it have the latest Explore Microelectronics EP9160 series chipset series? Many of us better informed customers need to know. Why do I need to wait to open the product, disassemble it, examine the model stamp on the IC, cross-reference it on the IC chip manufacturer's website, read the complete specs it supplies, and void the warranty doing so, just to make sure I got what I paid for? Ridiculous. Explore makes 80% of these chips for the market; how does it void your proprietary relationships to reveal that to the customer? Sellers need to get with it. And you need to tell your suppliers to get with it, too!

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- 6/24/2019 12:27:29 PM

Works great and is easy to install

Was this review helpful?

Works Great!

- 6/10/2019 12:33:54 PM

So far so good!! All TVs have great signal! Better than the junk splitter I had before!

Was this review helpful?

Doesnt support 4k

- 4/12/2019 8:35:28 AM

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Splitter - 3/2/2019 12:52:58 AM

Small size great Preformance

Was this review helpful?

SplitDeck 4k 4port HDMI

Ernest - 2/8/2019 3:41:39 PM

I am a Mobile Dj and needed to run an 50ft hdmi to do my Karaoke nights. I had ordered HDMI spitter from Amazon and wouldn’t work till I came across Sewells Hdmi’s splitter. It worked like magic on the first hook up and no problem since. 5??????????

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